Adrienne Vaughan

AV-AuthorAdrienne was born in Leicester and brought up in Dublin. She’s been making up stories since she could speak and started writing them down as soon as she could pick up a pen. No surprise she wanted to be a journalist, something her Head Nun disparagingly referred to as ‘a trade’ and once she landed a job on a pop magazine, all she had to do was marry a rock star! Thank goodness she didn’t. These days she runs a busy PR practice in Leicestershire.

Inspired by Maeve Binchy, she wrote her first novel in the early 80’s and has been writing short stories, poems and ideas for books ever since. Her debut novel, The Hollow Heart’s heroine is a feisty, campaigning journalist who falls for an infuriatingly, conceited movie star who hates journalists.

Adrienne had now completed her Irish HEARTFELT trilogy (SEE HER BOOK PAGE) AND IS CURRENTLY WORKING ON NOVEL #4.  She says the New Romantics Press are HER fairy godmothers because they’ve helped her to realise her  dream of becoming a published author.


1-hocus-pocus-cover-for-press-releases-etcHocus Pocus is an anthology of short stories and novellas with a mystical twist, spooky rather than gory. From haunted house to fallen angel, devious spirit to soul stealers there are thirteen (of course!) spine-tinglers to delight the reader. Among the collection you will find award winning authors of bestselling novels, but there are some new voices, too. Adrienne sows some Seeds of Doubt, while Lizzie’s story Jumping the Queue is all about . . . well, we’ll leave you to read it and find out. We wouldn’t want to spoil the ending now, would we?




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