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With Scottish, Irish, and Brazilian blood in her veins, it’s hardly surprising Lizzie Lamb is a writer. She even wrote extra scenes for the films she watched as a child and was almost drummed out of the playground for keeping all the good lines for herself. Luckily, she saves them for her readers these days.

TDK tablet and book coverA huge fan of Jilly Cooper, Lizzie had some short stories published, then writing went on hold while she enjoyed a successful teaching career, finishing up as a Deputy Head teacher of a large primary school. Back to being a novelist, her début Tall, Dark and Kilted – themed Notting Hill meets Monarch of the Glen – echoes her love of her homeland in every page, not to mention heroes in kilts.

Digital book - Boot Camp Bride (2)Her second novel, Boot Camp Bride features rookie journalist Charlee Montague who is  sent undercover to a boot camp for brides in order to investigate a drugs dealing/money laundering trail that reaches all the way from the rainforest of Columbia to the Norfolk salt marshes. At her
side is her nemesis – award winning photo journalist, Raphael Ffinch. Will Charlee get her scoop? Can romance flourish in the Norfolk marshes?  Will she be able to let Raffa walk out of her life at the end of the assignment? Download Boot Camp Bride and find out.

img045Lizzie has recently published her third novel – SCOTCH ON THE ROCKS – and it passed the 1000 downloads mark in the first two weeks and became an Amazon #1 best seller. Looks like she’s not the only one who enjoys reading and writing about the highlands of Scotland and men in kilts.

Lizzie is currently working on novel #4 – working title, THIS HIGHLAND MAGIC – and hopes to publish it in time for Christmas 2016. Here’s what her worktable looks like (!)

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Lizzie sees the New Romantics Press as ‘sisters doing it for themselves’ and believes that which is written, should have the opportunity to be read, and by the widest audience possible.

1-hocus-pocus-cover-for-press-releases-etcHocus Pocus is an anthology of short stories and novellas with a mystical twist, spooky rather than gory. From haunted house to fallen angel, devious spirit to soul stealers there are thirteen (of course!) spine-tinglers to delight the reader. Among the collection you will find award winning authors of bestselling novels, but there are some new voices, too. Adrienne sows some Seeds of Doubt, while Lizzie’s story Jumping the Queue is all about . . . well, we’ll leave you to read it and find out. We wouldn’t want to spoil the ending now, would we?







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