What She Said!

Lizzie and Adrienne’s Literary Lunch


In a trail blazing moment the New Romantics 4 hosted a literary lunch at The Belmont Hotel, Leicester. (See the poster on our EVENTS page) Adrienne secured the gig through a long-standing business connection and co-presented it with Lizzie. The event was part of Leicester’s 2013 Book Fest and fitted in well with the NR4’s aims to bring their books to the attention of a wider audience. The majority of the twenty-three ladies who attended the lunch were businesswomen – although one brave gentleman (Rodney!) and a fellow writer (Lilian) bought a ticket, too.

photo-10 Fortunately, Adrienne and Lizzie are no strangers to public speaking – so, the event held no terrors for them. Adrienne regularly gives talks to business leaders as part of her role as a MD and PR consultant; and after 34 years in education Lizzie declared that the audience was better behaved than the 350 primary children she regularly ‘entertained’ during school assembly.

The lunch consisted of a complementary drink and three courses followed by coffee – and the time simply whizzed by. The first talk was down to Adrienne and she described her reasons for becoming a writer. When it was Lizzie’s turn, she simply pointed to Adrienne and declared: “What she said!” – much to the amusement of the lunch guests. Between courses, Adrienne and Lizzie gave brief précis of their novels and then read an extract. This was followed by a question and answer session after a delicious dessert.

Their lunch guests were interested in all aspects of writing and were keen to know

  • where Lizzie and Adrienne they got their ideas from
  • if they’d be writing a sequel
  • were their heroes based on real men
  • how closely the heroines mirrored THEM !
  • what was their next novel called and when would it be published

photo-12To round off a very pleasant lunch, Lizzie and Adrienne read a further extract for their novels, posed questions and awarded a prize to the winning entries. There was a quick signing session of the guests’ complimentary copies of Tall, Dark and Kilted and The Hollow Heart (cleverly included in the cost of the luncheon) and then the hard working executives returned to their businesses. During a short de-briefing session, the literary lunch was pronounced a great success and it is hoped that June and Mags will host a similar event lunch sometime this autumn when the New Romantics 4 publish their second novels.


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  1. Your energy and inventiveness leave me breathless!

    • thenewromantics4

      Thank you Lesley, how kind of you to take the time to come onto our blog. We’ve learned a lot in the last six months (understatement!) The thing will be to have those second books ready for the pre-Christmas book launches. Thank you.

  2. What a brilliant idea, it looks like you had a ball. More power to your elbow! Love Mandy

  3. What she said … pointing upwards at Amanda Grange 😀 LOL!

  4. thenewromantics4

    Mandy, it was great fun. But felt like I’d been run over by a steam roller afterwards.

  5. Congratulations Lizzie and Adrienne. Looks as if you had a great time. Wish I’d been there. Next time. x

    • thenewromantics4

      Hi Madalyn, yes , it went really well thank you. If they ask us to do a pre-Christmas one we won;t say no!! Dying to know if I’ve sold any books in Lincoln yet. Only time will tell, don;t want to hassle Joff.

  6. Loved reading this, Lizzie. Sounds like a great occasion.

    • thenewromantics4

      Thank you for popping over, Liz. Yes, it was a great experience and I think we did so well because the ladies were very receptive (and had had a glass of wine!!). Your turn one of these days.

  7. thenewromantics4

    Thanks Lilz, it was. Its been a busy few weeks one way and another but I guess that’s what we have to do if we want to attract lovely readers. Thanks for popping by.

  8. Thanks all for warm and encouraging comments, and Lizzie for doing the blog. It really was a fun event, I had lovely emails from all the ladies saying they are looking forward to the next one…planning one for the Autumn and wheeling June & Mags out!!

  9. Brilliant, Lizzie and Adrienne! So glad your event went so well. Ron’s invited me to ‘speak’ at one of his Rotary evening meetings (with dinner provided etc) but I’m not brave enough, yet! Really thrilled you had so much fun. 🙂

    • Hi Joanna, I must admit that public speaking can be pretty nerve wracking if you’re not used to it. Maybe you could start with a small group of friends and work your way up to a Rotary dinner. I’m sure you have lots of interesting things to say . . . once you’ve done it a couple of times it’ll get easier.

      • Well now that I read my short stories at Writers’ Circle – 10-15 people – Ron reckons I’m on my way lol. But reading my own story, and talking off the cuff, are two rather different issues, I feel! Oh to have your experience lol. But thanks for the encouragement. 🙂

      • thenewromantics4

        A pleasure. But I was used to talking to parents etc and large groups during my previous life as a teacher. I guess that helps. Plus, I am a bit of a show off – there I said it !!

  10. I’m glad this went so very well for you both 🙂 congratulations and I’m raising a virtual glass of vino in your direction to toast your next event! 😉 X

    • thenewromantics4

      Thanks Alice, on my pc now. Will go over and comment on your blog too. We have been asked back, maybe in the autumn so that’s really encouraging.

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