NR4 Summer Celebration

September already! How the summer has flown by.  To celebrate the start of the new “school year”, we’ve made a short video about us and our writing – we hope you enjoy it.  And if you have a look below the “Loose Women,” you’ll find a few words from each of us about where we are with our projects.


~Lizzie Lamb

Two years ago I uploaded Tall, Dark and Kilted on Create Space and tentatively pressed the ‘GO’ button. That kick-started my adventure as an indie author and it’s been a whirlwind ride. I now have two books available on amazon, a raft of reviews, thriving social networking presence and a growing number of readers. It’s been hard work but I’ve done it and I’m proud to have travelled the road with my fellow New Romantics: June, Adrienne and Mags. What does the future hold for me? Hopefully a new novel published early 2015 and one a year after that. As I have said on my blog – Life is not a rehearsal, if you have a dream go for it. That’s what I’ve done.

~Mags Cullingford

Without Adrienne, June and Lizzie, my debut novel, Last Bite of the Cherry, was unlikely to have been published in 2012, nor would I be about to bring out my second (eBook and paperback), Twins of a Gazelle. Both have a similar theme – clever woman, emotionally naïve, initially makes disastrous choice of man (men) before meeting ‘The One’. Not the conventional Girl-Meets-Boy love stories, so not instantly appealing to agents or publishers, yet my select band of readers seem to have enjoyed Last Bite. Some say they look forward to my next novel. To quote Russell Grandinetti of Amazon, “The only really necessary people in the publishing process now are the writer and the reader” [see The Observer, 17.08.2014]. With 30,000 words of as-yet-untitled novel number three in the bag, I hope he’s right.

~June Kearns

Firstly, a huge thank-you to the lovely readers who’ve bought, reviewed and supported mine, Lizzie, Adrienne and Mag’s books this year. You’ve been wonderful.

So … where am I now, with my current WIP?

Um, not quite where I was supposed to be.

My 1930s novel hadn’t been going well – piles of clean white paper glaring accusingly whenever I sidled past my desk.

Then a plea came, via Twitter, for 60’s memorabilia, and as I rummaged through bits and bobs – match-book covers from jazz clubs, Biba receipts, photos – BINGO! I had one of those bombshell moments, (the sort that usually strike in the middle of the night, only to be forgotten the next morning!)

This, I thought, is what I should be writing about. The Sixties!

So, in the next 6 months, I hope to be well on the way to completing a first draft of said novel – 60s London setting, photographer hero – while still keeping abreast of all strands of social networking (gulp) – because failure to do these things will result in being beaten with a big stick by Lizzie.

~Adrienne Vaughan

I recently rediscovered my ‘long lost novel’ aka first attempt, and was horrified to find I first typed ‘The End’ nearly 30 years ago!

It wasn’t until I hooked up with Lizzie, June and Mags, that this long ago dream finally came true. With two books published, The Hollow Heart and A Change of Heart, and the final in the trilogy, Secrets of the Heart, well underway, I am, at last, a novelist with readers who love my books! #followyourdream



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  1. Loved the video! Many congratulations to all of you. You are all an inspiration to me!

  2. Thank you Anne, you are always so supportive and we wil lbe happy to return the favour when your moment comes.

  3. Many thanks also to June’s uber talented daughter Mary Kearns who produced the video for us. Love it !!

  4. Reblogged this on Lizzie Lamb and commented:

    Watch our great promotional video

  5. What a fab little film!! Loved hearing about your successes and thrilled to hear what is coming next from all of you.

  6. This video is brilliant, ladies! How clever is Mary?! 🙂 What a lovely post too. I’m so thrilled for all four of you and have seen you go from strength to strength. Many Congratulations to four fab ladies whose writing is tops! Xx

  7. The moment I heard that music – a favourite of mine – I was hooked. And thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the video, what a terrific idea. There can surely only be more success for all of you during 2015.

  8. What a brilliant video girls. You are flying now. A lovely setting and interesting discussion from all four of you.Thanks for posting. I’ll certainly pass it on.
    Best of luck for the coming year.

    • Thank you Cathy and apologies for not responding sooner. This message got lost in the ether somewhere!! Good luck with your writing, too.

  9. Margaret Cullingford

    Thank you Anne, Liz, Jan, and Margaret. It was fun to do, and Mary was a brilliant Producer-Director,

  10. Margaret Cullingford

    Glad you enjoyed it, Cathy. It was fund to do.

  11. I loved the video and can’t wait to read your next books

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