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Lizzie, June, Mags and Adrienne ...plotting again!

Now the very last of the twinkly lights have been put away and before February crashes headlong into Valentine’s Day and then Easter, here’s a mini wrap up of 2014 for the New Romantics Press and a teeny peak at some of the very exciting plans, for what is going to be our fourth year as one of the literary world’s favourite indie groups! (Over-egged the last bit, slightly, but hey you know what we mean).

Lizzie, June and myself spent much of the start of 2014 promoting our latest novels, Boot Camp Bride (Lizzie Lamb); 20’s Girl and all that Jazz (June Kearns) and A Change of Heart (Adrienne Vaughan). Aided and abetted by Mags, who was busy editing her new one, Twins of a Gazelle.

Where's Mags . . .February 2014 – Lizzie, June and myself hosted a Meet the Author event at Waterstones, Market Harborough, which was a great success and resulted in lots of media coverage, including an in-depth interview with BBC Radio Leicester for Lizzie and I with the inimitable Tony Wadsworth and Julie Meyers, great supporters of the NRPs since day one.

As summer started to sizzle, the stunning Belmont Hotel invited Lizzie and I, to host a Literary Luncheon, where 30 plus ladies relaxed in the elegant restaurant, enjoyed lunch, readings and chatted about writing …and it wasn’t just the lunch that was saucy! Then, June’s talented film-maker daughter Mary, made a ‘fly on the wall’ video of us talking about our projects (see link here) which was amazing and really gave us a focus for the rest of the year.

July saw us flying the flag at the Romantic Novelist’s Association National Conference at the Harper Adams University in Shropshire, meeting many old friends and making lots of new ones. In September I was thrilled that A Change of Heart was shortlisted for the Best Author Published Read awards at the Festival of Romantic Fiction held at Leighton Buzzard – the highlight of which, was an impromptu dinner with best-selling, award-winning authors Katie Fforde, Liz Fenwick and Jo Thomas – what a hoot!

Following a series of ‘behind closed doors’ meetings we started to hatch a plan for our ‘global’ Author Showcase in London. And in a flash, November saw June, Lizzie and myself hosting a glitzy reception at Waterstones, High Street, Kensington kindly sponsored by June’s son Patrick and his partner Tom. (Sadly, Mags couldn’t make the gig due to a new knee, which is now coming on nicely, I’m happy to report.)

Who would you like me to dedicate it toTrundling towards the end of 2014, and the ‘World Premiere’ of the final novel in my Heartfelt trilogy Secrets of the Heart, held in the very cocktail bar in Dublin where the story opens, saw a merry crew of industry professionals, media, friends and family bandy together to welcome the arrival of my latest offering, which to date has been extremely well received. So, thank you all for your incredible support, it’s been amazing!

Phew! 2015 dawned full on and feisty, as we gathered for our first meet of the year, amid diaries, calendars and planners. Mags is due to publish Twins of a Gazelle next month, Lizzie’s latest romcom, Scotch on the Rocks, will be out in March – can’t wait for these two fantastic new novels – as myself and June continue, heads down, working on current WIPs.

We’re planning to attend as many events as possible. Word of Lizzie’s fantastic talk The Changing Face of Publishing last November at Leicester’s favourite ‘art house’ Phoenix Square, has started to spread and to date she is booked to talk at Lutterworth Writers Group on Tuesday March 24th and then on September 19th at the London chapter of the RNA. I’m booked to talk there too, a little earlier on 20th June. I’ve also been conscripted by the Society of Women Writers & Journalists to speak later this year – date to be confirmed

We’ll be supporting all our fabulous writer chums at the RNA Awards, the RoNAs on March 16th in London, and also have the RNA Conference in our sights for July, also in London.

And that lot is just the stuff we know about …looks like it’s going to be a quiet one again ladies – ahem!

Huge and grateful thanks to you all for your fabulous and continued support, and we’re all looking forward to seeing you at some stage this year …bring it on.


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  1. I’m exhausted just reading all that! Looking forward to seeing what you all do next. Brilliant achievement, ladies. You deserve every bit of success xx

  2. Congratulations ladies you are working really hard and having lots of fun.

  3. Reblogged this on Adrienne Vaughan and commented:
    What a totally stupendous year! How we ever found time to write, I’ll never know! Thanks everyone for all your amazing support.

  4. Thank you Sharon and Rosie …two of our faves! How on earth did we find time to write, that’s what I’d like to know???

  5. Thank you Sharon and Rosie, and all the other wonderful folks who’ve supported our journey.
    We couldn’t have done it without you!! 🎉🎈

  6. Morning all. Have been wrestling with the vagaries of WORD PRESS – no change there, then. Yes, what a year. I;m on the finishing stages of book three and am slowly beginning to build up a reputation as a go-to speaker on self publishing and using social media to promote oneself – without losing friends along the way. LOL. Couldn’t have done it without the other three ‘gals’ and lovely, supportive friends like Rosie and Sharon. Here’s to another stupendous year, wherever it takes us. 👹

  7. I love this post! A great update on what’s been happening and what’s coming up. I’m so pleased for you all, and have watched you all go from strength to strength. You all fully deserve every plaudit you get. Fab writers and equally fab mates! Wishing you lots of love, and even more success in 2015! 🙂 Xx

  8. Wow! Ladies you have been very busy, and long may the adventure continue. Wishing you all much success for 2015 and beyond.

  9. Well as far as my literary world goes, you are THE BEST indie author group!! I have enjoyed reading all your books and am looking forward to the next one’s. What a fabulous year you had in 2014 and it looks like 2015 is shaping up very nicely too.

    All the best 🙂 x

  10. Thank you so much Maria and Sarah, hang on to your hats! X

  11. Margaret Cullingford

    Would never have published my debut novel nor, in the next few days, be publishing my second, Twins of a Gazelle, without the friendship, help and support of Adrienne, June and Lizzie. After 2014, a year beset by unavoidable set-backs, plan to participate in all activities, particularly completing novel No.3, in 2015.

  12. We’re at your back, Mags! Front and sides too, should you need us, as you well know. Go Mags! xxx

  13. Margaret Cullingford

    Thanks Ade – what would I do without the three of you. And thanks Sarah, Maria, Jan, Rosie Amber and Sharon for your kind comments/

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