Happy Christmas from New Romantics Press

What Christmas means to us . . . 

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First up – June

My grandma would make 100 mince pies and 100 lemon curd and jam tarts every year at this time, before giving the house a thorough bottoming! Here the toaster has just exploded and I already have hurricane hair.

2014-03-26 10.02.35Soon though, every room will be full, every bed occupied, and like most of us, shutting myself away to write won’t be an option. I’m bound to be inspired enough by chat and conversation though, to keep scribbling notes on scraps of paper. (Must remember to keep them safe – not risk finding one stuck to the bottom of a Piccalilli jar in February, like last year.) One son recently met a person who studied photography as I did, in the ‘60s, then worked for BBC (and on Evita) as a make-up artist in ‘70s and ‘80s. Great background for my novel, so there’ll be some surreptitious scribbling about that!

Take it away – Adrienne


I love Christmas, always have. Luckily we live in a village with a church and a pub so we make the most of it. And with two cocker spaniels, there’s always a great excuse to trudge off excesses across fields, rewarding ourselves with a nice glass of mulled wine and mince pies in front of a roaring log fire. I do all of it! We’re going to visit family in Dublin too, which will be really special, the lights in the city are fabulous and we’ll head to the coast and then into the mountains for lunch, wonderful.

I’m completing the edits of my new novel Scandal of the Seahorse Hotel currently which will take me through to New Year, when we will be in sunny South Devon. I always start a new novel, fresh notebook, coloured pens at the ready while I’m there. The walks on the beach, steaming seafood chowder and local cider help get the brain cells working again – it’s all rather inspirational, so Christmas and New Year is a time of thanksgiving for me, I know how lucky we are.

How about you, Mags?

Mags is working on her third novel which features ‘heroine in jeopardy’ as its central theme. She will be spending  Christmas at the beck and call of her cat, Tina – no change there – who deserves to have a novel written just about her.

And, finally, Lizzie 

I’m dreaming about hitting the road in 2016 with our caravan, computer, parrot and husband to research number four. Highlands of Scotland, here I come. For me, Christmas is all about being with friends and family and taking time to do those things which the madness of modern life seems to push to the back of the queue – loving, laughter and sharing experiences. I’m very enthused about #4 which I’m currently writing and which features a wayward laird who is at odds with his son, an eccentric family of cousins and a missing ‘treasure.’ Hopefully you’ll be able to download it by the end of 2016.


It simply remains for us to thank you all for your continued support – whether it be downloading our novels, reviewing them, subscribing to newsletters or just chatting to us on Facebook. Have a great Christmas and a healthy and happy New Year. Soon the shortest day will have passed and we will start journeying towards the light.


Fireplace FINAL 550

Here are the links to our amazon pages if you would like to download one of our novels . . .

June , Adrienne, Mags and Lizzie



About Lizzie Lamb

I write contemporary women's fiction mostly based in Scotland with hot heroes, feisty heroines and always a happy ending. Along with three other authors - Adrienne Vaughan, June Kearns and Margaret Cullingford - I formed the New Romantics Press under which our books are published. I have published six books since 2012, the latest being Harper's Highland Fling. I am currently working on #7 which I hope to publish in 2022. In the meantime, do check out my Amazon page: viewAuthor.at/LizzieLamb and click 'FOLLOW' to keep up to date with me and my news.

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  1. Christmas is a time to think of friends, among which I am happy to include you lot!! 😉

    Have a great one,

    John xx

  2. Happy Christmas to you lovely ladies. Looking forward to reading your new books next year! X

  3. What a lovely post! It showcases each of you perfectly. I love all things Christmas too and could relate to so many things in your individual posts. I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a fantastic 2016. You’re all stars of the highest order! 🙂 xxx

  4. These all sound like lovely ways to spend Christmas and I look forward to reading the fruits of your labours next year!

  5. Happy happy Christmas lovely ladies!
    You surely are a daily inspiration to me 🙂
    I am blessed to call you friends.
    Buon Natale! xx

  6. Wishing all of you a wonderful holiday plus a peaceful and happy new year. (And if your research takes you through Glasgow, I’d love to get together.)

  7. Happy Christmas to you! All of your posts brought back wonderful childhood memories. There is nothing like a mother’s added dose of love to those Christmas treats. Lynn M.

  8. Mags Cullingford

    Arriving late as usual, so late everyone else has probably gone home. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments. The Tedster and I are looking forward to a quiet and restful Christmas – except for that cat of course – after a somewhat stressful year. I for one hope to catch up with some reading over the holiday. Makes a change from writing, then I shall emerge refreshed into 2016, and who knows what adventures lie ahead. Happy Christmas to you all.

  9. Merry Christmas to you Lizzie, June, Adrienne and Mags. Hope you all have a wonderful time, and I look forward to seeing what you have in store for 2016. xxxx

  10. Mags Cullingford

    Happy Christmas, Sharon and here’s to a healthy and productive 2016 for all of us. Cheers!

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