Inspiration for The Little French Guesthouse #1 – Town and Country

Helen Pollard writes ...

I’ve read some lovely comments from readers of The Little French Guesthouse, saying how much they enjoyed the setting – that they were able to imagine themselves there, or if they have visited the Loire region of France, that it took them back there.

There are so many aspects to the setting of the book – the imaginary guesthouse,  gîtes and gardens that make up La Cour des Roses; the imaginary local town of Pierre-la-Fontaine; and, of course,  the very real countryside of the Loire itself.

I thought it might be nice to share the inspiration for some of the settings in the book, so I’m starting this week with some aspects of the countryside and typical local towns.

What else would I begin with, but those regimented rows of vines?

vines #1 09And then there are the pretty, shaded rivers . . .

river #1 07Emmy’s visit to The Little French Guesthouse is too…

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  1. Thanks for the reblog, Mags! x

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