Happy Birthday New Romantics Press

New Romantics Press - Five YearsIt’s five years since New Romantics Press published their first novels. We won’t repeat how the group formed, our path to publication has been covered in previous posts. Here we are in 2012 looking all fresh faced and hopeful. So you ask, what have we achieved since then, and what next? Cue drumroll and clash of cymbals.

Burton Overy we love you ! 007[4].jpg

Lizzie Lamb

A retrospective is a great idea. It gives us a chance to thank readers/reviewers/bloggers and friends for the help and encouragement NRP has received over the last five years. I have a #1 bestseller (historical Scottish) and #3 bestseller (Scotland’s/Highlands and Islands) under my belt and have rubbed shoulders on Amazon with Diane Gabaldon and Jenny Colgan. I look at my four novels and ask myself: did I really write those?  It turns out that I did. I’m now working hard on a romance set in Wisconsin USA, then its back to Scotland and the Black Isle for #6. Thank you for travelling with me on this amazing journey. 


From Wednesday 22nd November to Wednesday 29th November my novels will be available to download for 99p. So, here’s your chance to stock up on some great romances and hunker down in front of the fire with until the first shoots of spring appear. 


June Kearns

First, a huge thank-you to the lovely readers who are still discovering my first two books and reading and reviewing them!

On to book three, where I’m currently in the middle of 1960s London, unravelling the lives of three women (and one man) when their histories suddenly collide. The mother, no longer alive – a former D-Day Dame. Her daughter Lillie, now in the midst of an exploding London fashion scene, together with Margaux, the Frenchwoman who brought her up – formerly a seamstress at a Paris fashion house. Add an arrogant American photographer on a mission to that mix, and shake vigorously!

(I was in London myself at exactly that time and have probably been enjoying the research a bit too much!) Publishing date? Spring 2018. A headsup – my novels will available to download for 99p from 23rd November – 29th. So, fill up your kindle. 

Adrienne Vaughan

The last five years have certainly been a whirlwind. To achieve my life’s ambition to become a novelist is, without doubt, a dream come true and quite simply wouldn’t have happened without the support, encouragement and friendship of Lizzie, June and Mags.

To date, we’ve independently published a number of highly-acclaimed and award winning novels including my series of Irish-American romantic suspense – The Hollow Heart, A Change of Heart and Secrets of the Heart – each shortlisted for reader awards by the Festival of Romantic Fiction. Together with my collection of short stories and poems, Fur Coat & No Knickers – recently shortlisted for the coveted Irish literary CAP Award – this now means I have four warmly-received books being enjoyed by readers every day. What a thrill!

 My latest novel That Summer at the Seahorse Hotel, is published in January 2018 and in honour of this and my forthcoming birthday, I’m delighted to offer all my books for 99p for one week from Tuesday 21st November – Enjoy!


Mags Cullingford

Where I am now

Five years on, I am half way through writing my third novel. My intention was not to be so ‘palely loitering’. Regrettably, this tantalising stage was reached eighteen months ago, but real-life events have had to take priority. So, no ‘writer’s block’ to report as a sorry excuse, or losing the plot by having no idea of what happens next. That’s all there in my head, and now, with the Fates’ permission, I plan on publication by Midsummer 2018.

My third novel – title yet to be decided – is a departure from my first two. In both, a clever but emotionally naïve woman falls for the wrong man, or men, before meeting the right one. Number three involves mystery and intrigue although, inevitably, tortured relationships do figure. Private investigator, Forbes discovers past secrets and lies after Lexie Neave, the only daughter, and heir of a single well-heeled parent, is threatened after her mother’s suspicious death – and begins: Alexandra Neave, you now have something valuable, very valuable which by rights is mine.

Link to author page:  http://tinyurl.com/qj2hzlf 


Here’s a slideshow of some of the highlights of the past five years.



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  1. Wow! Superb blog, Lizzie – hard to believe how far we’ve come! So proud of us all, good mates, hard workers and – as many of our readers will vouch – not bad writers either. Happy birthday team … here’s to the next five years! X

  2. Thanks Adrienne, I had great fun putting this blog together – finding the photos, the links and remembering everything we’ve shared over the last five years. Onwards and upwards I say – there’s nothing to hold us back. . .

  3. Mags Cullingford

    Wowee! Fabulous blog, Lizzie, so many memories. Thank you. I’ve come over all nostalgic and emotional. But, eh, onwards and upwards – here’s to us. Slainte!

  4. Fab look at the last few years, Lizzie! Lovely memories. What an amazing journey for all of us. I remember those first nervous steps. Now look at the four of us!! Happy Birthday!!

  5. Happy fifth birthday and here’s to many more.

  6. Congratulations to you all and wishing you continued success – inspirational! xx

  7. Happy birthday ladies. Some great achievements.

  8. What a brilliant post with such fabulous memories and pictures. Congratulations, ladies, you are all an inspiration and your support of each other and for all your other writerly buddies/bloggers/readers, etc, is outstanding. Four great writers and four lovely ladies who I’m so proud to call my friends. Here’s to many more successful years for you all. Cheers and much love! 🙂 Xx

  9. Jan, it feels like you are the ‘fifth’ member of our team as you have been with us supporting us, downloading our novels, helping us with everything and being a great friend, too. As you say, we’ve had a great deal of support from other writers/bloggers and readers, and we know the debt we owe them. Hope we’re paying it forward as our American cousins say. Good luck with your many endeavors, too.

  10. Great post, Lizzie, and congratulations, ladies. I am very impressed with your industry and your excellent marketing savvy. I wish I had half of it!

  11. Happy Birthday and congratulations, ladies! You’re such an inspirational bunch! I have LOVED every single book you’ve written, and have enjoyed being part of your journey.
    Much love, The Diva from Dumbarton 😉 xxx

    • Dear Diva, you started off as one of our supporters and now you are one of my greatest friends. Thanks for being part of our journey and for the support you’ve shown in reading and reviewing our books. Hope your journey back to the UK soon and we can thank you properly.

    • Darling Diva, we have made so many special friends along the way, and you are totally up there. I’m editing my latest ready for publication and a beautiful Isabella makes a guest appearance … I wonder who inspired her … again? X

      • OMG Adrienne, what a lovely surprise! There really are no words, you ladies are such a daily wonder, and I am ever so grateful that I met you! Looking forward to reading That Summer at the Seahorse Hotel, now more than ever! xxxxxxx

    • Thanks so much for all your wonderful support, Isabella! You’re a 💫!!! xx

  12. Well done, ladies, and what a lovely article! Loved looking at all the pictures, and I’m so pleased I have met you all, too! xx

  13. Well done, ladies, you’ve made a lot of people very happy!

  14. Thanks Julia, we all still love the writing side of things and meeting readers and bloggers. Makes it all worth while to know our efforts are appreciated.

  15. Carry on . Looking forward to the next one. Good luck

  16. Joan Davies-Bushby

    Looking forward to 2018 and reading your latest novels. X

  17. I love June’s books and have been anxiously awaiting her next novel!

  18. These four ladies are phenomenal in what they do. Congratulations!

  19. Thanks for leaving a comment Cathy, You’re pretty amazing too!

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