How To Make A Dream Come True

How long does it take before a dream comes true?

May All Your Dreams Come True

May All Your Dreams Come True

My dream began when I was seven years old, sitting on the back doorstep with a brand new notebook on my knees, overwhelmed by the need to fill it with words. Words which I had written and which reflected the stories and ideas crowding in my head, demanding to be shared with others. That is, anyone who would listen – friends, family, the dogs and my toys heard my little tales.  When I was about ten I was given a Lilliput typewriter – and I took my first steps on the path to becoming a published writer.

What Shall I Write About?


I always dreamed of having a bedroom in a turret

Born in Scotland, my writing was influenced by the images that surrounded me: beautiful scenery, turreted castles and ancient legends passed down through the generations. Craic, shared with family members  sitting around the coal fire talking about times gone by, built within me the love of engaging stories. I was also influenced by what I read: The Waverley Novels, classic children’s stories, what I saw in Saturday morning cinema and watched on tea-time television. I wrote about adventurous derring-do heroines who righted wrongs and made their mark in the world disguised as pageboys or princes ! [feminism was  a distant dream in those days, readers!!] And then I started reading Jilly Cooper’s shorter novels Emily, Imogen, Prudence et al and the stage was set.


All the best heroes are Tall, Dark and Kilted

It was all a long way off from self publishing my first novel: TALL, DARK AND KILTED in November 2012.  But the seeds sown on that cold doorstep were quick to germinate if slow to flower. Finally, my dream has come true – and I am now a published author and am working on my second rom com.

The longer version of this path to publication ?

Well, I tell you all about that another day.


About Lizzie Lamb

I write contemporary women's fiction mostly based in Scotland with hot heroes, feisty heroines and always a happy ending. Along with three other authors - Adrienne Vaughan, June Kearns and Margaret Cullingford - I formed the New Romantics Press under which our books are published. I have published six books since 2012, the latest being Harper's Highland Fling. I am currently working on #7 which I hope to publish in 2022. In the meantime, do check out my Amazon page: and click 'FOLLOW' to keep up to date with me and my news.

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  1. Well done Lizzie. I know how hard you girls have worked to get your books out there. I’ve been on the journey with you. Great blog – I hope you get lots of comments and good wishes. Good luck with publishing book two in the autumn.

    • thenewromantics4

      Hello Bongo Man, we couldn’t have got this far without you. You lift, you shift, you give good counsel and you keep me grounded. You are a true star. Lizzie xx

  2. Loved this Lizzie, and I wish you all the best and I know your dream is still coming true….just getting better all the time. Good luck to all your fellow writers too. Keeping an eye out for you all the time.

    • thenewromantics4

      Hi Jane, You’ve been a great supporter along the way and I appreciate your help and friendship. Now we finally have a blog (yay) I’ll be able to blog hop with some of my Facebook mates – one day soon. Good luck with your own writing, you have some amazing stories to tell. Lizzie xx

      • My pleasure Lizzie. We all need help and support. Yep, looking forward to you hopping some time soon. I am glad you enjoy my posts and stories. Live long enough you have to have something to say!! xxxx

  3. Love your new blog ladies! Lizzie, you are a true inspiration to me. I used to write stories when I was little, too. I always dreamed of being a published author but somehow life took me down a different path. I thought maybe I had left it all too late. You and the other New Romantics have shown me it’s never too late. Best of luck with all your ventures, and thank you for sharing your experiences, advice and thoughts with me 🙂 x

    • thenewromantics4

      Dearest Sharon, it is never too late. Or, at least it isn’t if you take your destiny in your hands and self publish. We could have been waiting on the sidelines for YEARS for an agent to ‘choose’ us and then more years as he/she tried to sell us novels to a publisher. Now, here we are on book #2 – Carpe Diem is our philosophy; we have nothing to fear but fear itself. And, we’ve realised our dream. Lizzie xx

  4. Well done Lizzie. All the best for the your second book. Hugs, Jo. xx

    • thenewromantics4

      Thanks Jo, and thanks for introducing us to Nettie through your lovely blog. Working hard on #2, in fact I’ve left my hero and heroine arguing on the Norfolk salt marshes since Friday – better go back and sort them out. Thanks for stopping by. Lizzie xx

  5. Firstly, congratulations to all four of you lovely, talented ladies, on forming your blog. What a great first post, Lizzie. I can just picture you sitting on that doorstep. Your story is so inspiring and I’m absolutely thrilled for all of you for ‘going for it’ and achieving your dreams. I’ve read three of the four novels published and thoroughly enjoyed each one. Just Mags’ book to go which is on my Kindle, ready for me to dive into. I wish you all the very best of luck going forward. Good on you all! 🙂 xx

    • thenewromantics4

      Dear Jan, you’ve been with us on this journey from the very beginning and you know what its taken to get here in so short a space of time. You have been so supportive and we will be there when your turn comes around. As you will have found out by now, each of our books is different ( ha ha ) and Mags’s is no exception. Thank you for your good wishes, your turn soon we hope. Love ya, Lizzie xxx

  6. I wish your new blog every success and hope you get millions of followers. Likewise I wish you all success with your books.

    • thenewromantics4

      Hi Chris, thanks for joining in the conversation. The whole thing has been an adventure and now we finally have a blog in place we can concentrate on getting a few more books under our belt. Don’t they say that you need at least three books up there on Amazon in order to be taken seriously as I writer? I must say, I love your title: The Salt Splashed Cradle – makes shivers go down my spine. Good luck with your writing and everything associated with it, too. Lizzie xx

  7. Cute new blog Lizzie. I wish you ladies a grand adventure here.

    • thenewromantics4

      Hi Rose, thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to come over onto our new blog and leave a comment. Its much appreciated. Good luck with your writing, too. Lizzie xx

  8. Love that picture of you as a little girl, Lizzie, already fearless and organizing family, friends, toys and the dog! They’re the qualities that have got you -and us! – where you are today.

    • thenewromantics4

      June, I rather suspect that the organising gene came from my Scottish grannie – and the liking for telling tales, too. So glad to be taking this journey with you and the other gals – it would have been a very daunting road to travel alone. Lizzie xx

  9. Congrats on your new blog! Like you, I started writing young–at ten years old. I had to smile when I read about how you read your stories to your toys. So did I. 🙂 I can’t wait to read “Tall, Dark and Kilted,” and I will be following The New Romantics 4!

    • thenewromantics4

      Hi Samantha, thank you for taking the time to pop by our brand new blog. Its a good thing those toys couldn’t answer back, isn’t it? The blog and the self publishing is a brand new adventure for us, but were glad we took the step. Thank you for following us and your lovely remarks about Tall, Dark and Kilted. Good luck with your writing and see you over on twitter very soon. Lizzie xx

  10. I enjoyed reading about the completion of your dream, Lizzie. I started dreaming of writing much later, about 25 years ago. I stopped smoking and with the money I saved, I took a home course in writing. But really I have been writing full time in my retirement. So you can say I am fulfilling an old man’s dream!

    • thenewromantics4

      Hi again Dave, I wasn’t able to concentrate on my writing until I left the teaching profession, the work load was too demanding. Looks like were both fulfilling our dream, yes?

  11. I can totally relate! Thanks for sharing. What a cool idea, ladies!

    • thenewromantics4

      Hello, and thanks for stopping by, Francine. Its been a very short but intense journey for the four of us. But we’re glad we took the step. Good ;luck with your own writing. Hope your shed has central heating, its freezing here today. Lizzie xx

  12. Congrats to you four ladies! I will follow your blog. Even thought I write crime, mystery, and character study stories, there is always a backdrop of relationship conflict!
    I invite you ladies to my
    Please read a story or two and comment right on the blog.
    If you want to read my ebook novella, Web of Guilt, A Chicago Story, it is available on Amazon Kindle.
    I would greatly appreciate the support and you would make an old man happy!
    Your Friend,
    Writer Dave

    • thenewromantics4

      Hi Dave, thanks for dropping by. I will certainly check out your blog and leave a comment if time allows. We are all busy writing book #2. But we do like to support fellow writers.Lizzie x

  13. Lizzie, I love peeking into the lives of other authors. (We are all such voyeurs, eh?) Thanks for sharing. I followed the blog and look forward to reading more. Sharon

    • thenewromantics4

      Thanks Sharon. The general idea is that each one of us will post a version of the original blog post to give insights into our work and how we write. Lizzie xx

  14. I love the blog, Lizzie, June, Mags and Adrienne. Particularly impressed with the embedded radio interviews, content and tech! More power to your elbows.

    • thenewromantics4

      Mandy, the techie stuff is down to our blog builder, Nettie Thomson. Glad you like the blog, we’re in love with it. Hope readers like it, too.

  15. adrienneauthor

    Hello all, wow! What a fantastic response to our first (Lizzie’s) blog, and thank you all for your kind comments and support.
    Much (highly-deserved) back-slapping at the moment for the wee Scots lass sitting on a cold, doorstep…as she whips (steady boys) the rest of us into shape, and we splash about happily in her wake. (Mixing a few metaphors, but you get my drift – eek, done it again!)
    And this is the start of another experience, our own blog, our own way – no one can say these ‘Sisters ain’t doing for themselves!’

    • thenewromantics4

      Thanks Adrienne, the blog looks great, I agree. Found a photo of me sitting on the inspirational doorstep. Will post it another day!

  16. Margaret Cullingford

    Snap, Lizzie – so you bored the pants off your dolls, pets, and in my case younger cousins with your stories too. Wish I could remember what mine were about, elves and fairies to begin with because that’s the sort of thing I read. Guess that’s why adutls still like to read fantasy and paranormal.

  17. What a great blogsite – colourful, informative and above all tells us all we need to know about NR4. Your opening entry is excellent, Lizzie. I look forward to visiting regularly. xx

    • thenewromantics4

      Thanks for dropping by, Liz and leaving a comment. We hope to post a blog entry each week, between four if us that should be manageable.

  18. Hi Girls, well done. this is truly a blog with a difference. It’s reader friendly and informative.
    Good luck to you all and may the sales go with you!

  19. Congratulations! And GREAT job sticking with it. I hope it’s all you expect it to me and better!

    • thenewromantics4

      Thanks Alexa, hopefully the hardest part has been achieved. Maintaining it should be fun between the four of us! 😉

  20. Oddly enough (or perhaps not) I was searching for a blog for you, Lizzie, a few days ago. And now here you all are!

    Delighted to be a new follower. Congrats on the new blog, it’s fab. 🙂

    And thanks for your support with my recent launch, too; that’s meant a lot. 🙂

  21. thenewromantics4

    Hi Joanna, we only formed our indie group back in the autumn so its been a bit full on getting US tax codes, individual websites, Facebook writer pages and twitter pages etc. Luckily I’d been on Facebook and Twitter for a number of years but we had to create a whole new twitter page for the NR4. We were resisting a blog but were advised to have one so we asked Nettie Thomson to create for for us – and here it is. I can’t believe the number of hits we’ve attracted in just two days. Glad you like the blog, the idea is that each of us takes it in turn to write one past month and respond to any comments that arrive. Good luck with your trilogy, I’m glad to be back to the WIP today. Phew 😉

  22. A lovely blog, Lizzie and a super website. You four writers are an inspiration to us all!

  23. Terrific blog, Lizzie and lovely website. You four writers are an inspiration to us all!

  24. thenewromantics4

    Margaret, thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to pop over. We’re really pleased with the result and are glad that we’ve done it. It was appearing in Writers’ Magazine in May that really made us get our act together. All done now.

  25. Joan Davies-Bushby

    Have really enjoyed reading your blog. You are a great bunch of writers and deserve every success. Looking forward to hearing more news of your next books.

    • thenewromantics4

      Thanks Joan, we’ve worked hard to get here and our journey has only just begun. Thanks for popping by. We appreciate your support.

  26. What a beautiful blog you’ve got. Congratualations ladies on all your hard work and your wonderful books. I’ve read three so far, am on the 4th and I’ve loved all of them. Keep on writing and I’m looking forward to books #2.

  27. thenewromantics4

    Thanks for checking us out, Kate. You have been a great supporter of the New Romantics 4, buying and reading our books and writing reviews on Amazon. We will repay you, with interest. So glad that we’ve got a blog up and running at last, but even happier than someone else did the hard work for us.

  28. What a lovely-looking blog! Congrats ladies on your success and I look forward to reading more posts.x

  29. thenewromantics4

    Thanks for stopping by, Anita. The plan is that each one of us takes it in turn to write a fresh blog post every Monday – that way it won;t become too onerous. Hopefully it will keep the blogs fresh as they will each have a different slant. I can relax for three weeks . . .

  30. Lovely interesting blog page, well done girls.

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