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How To Make A Dream Come True

How long does it take before a dream comes true?

May All Your Dreams Come True

May All Your Dreams Come True

My dream began when I was seven years old, sitting on the back doorstep with a brand new notebook on my knees, overwhelmed by the need to fill it with words. Words which I had written and which reflected the stories and ideas crowding in my head, demanding to be shared with others. That is, anyone who would listen – friends, family, the dogs and my toys heard my little tales.  When I was about ten I was given a Lilliput typewriter – and I took my first steps on the path to becoming a published writer.

What Shall I Write About?


I always dreamed of having a bedroom in a turret

Born in Scotland, my writing was influenced by the images that surrounded me: beautiful scenery, turreted castles and ancient legends passed down through the generations. Craic, shared with family members  sitting around the coal fire talking about times gone by, built within me the love of engaging stories. I was also influenced by what I read: The Waverley Novels, classic children’s stories, what I saw in Saturday morning cinema and watched on tea-time television. I wrote about adventurous derring-do heroines who righted wrongs and made their mark in the world disguised as pageboys or princes ! [feminism was  a distant dream in those days, readers!!] And then I started reading Jilly Cooper’s shorter novels Emily, Imogen, Prudence et al and the stage was set.


All the best heroes are Tall, Dark and Kilted

It was all a long way off from self publishing my first novel: TALL, DARK AND KILTED in November 2012.  But the seeds sown on that cold doorstep were quick to germinate if slow to flower. Finally, my dream has come true – and I am now a published author and am working on my second rom com.

The longer version of this path to publication ?

Well, I tell you all about that another day.