Guest Post: author Lizzie Lamb discusses the use of locations in her novels

Marcia's Book Talk

Today we warmly welcome author Lizzie Lamb to Marcia’s Book Talk. Lizzie, author of TALL, DARK AND KILTED, SCOTCH ON THE ROCKS and BOOT CAMP BRIDE, discusses the fascinating use of locations for her novels, and how, and why she chose these particular places. Without any further ado, let us hear from Lizzie about the employment of locations in her books, and why she chose to spotlight these beautiful places…

Lizzie Lamb, author photograph Lizzie Lamb, author photograph


Location. Location. Location by Lizzie Lamb

How does a writer choose the location for her novels? Maybe it’s somewhere she loves and has revisited many times. Maybe it’s somewhere new which sparks off her imagination and she finds herself wondering what if . . . then the characters start forming themselves into an orderly queue, demanding to be given voice through the pages of her book.

Notting Hill setting for TALL, DARK AND KILTED Notting Hill setting for TALL, DARK AND KILTED

Wester Ross, setting for SCOTCH ON THE ROCKS Wester Ross, setting for SCOTCH ON…

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